Your ability to hear is personal to you, and assisting or improving your hearing requires a personalized solution. That’s why the Cedar Valley Center for Hearing, led by hearing specialist Deborah Rieks, AuD, offers comprehensive evaluations for patients of all ages, including hearing loss prevention, hearing loss assessment, and specialized testing for young children. A huge advantage for the Center for Hearing is that if a medical situation arises, our ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, Dr. David J. Congdon, is in-house and can be consulted on your case.

Once your hearing has been evaluated, our team of hearing professionals will discuss treatment options with you, including our wide selection of the latest hearing amplification devices. This includes modern and specialized hearing products, such as current, true-to-life and discreet hearing aid technology and assistive listening devices for phones and TVs, as well as equipment to keep your device running smoothly in all situations, such as hearing aid batteries and supplies and custom swim molds and hearing protection

Sieon Kim, Doctor of Audiology

From initial hearing exams to being fitted for your new hearing aid, the Cedar Valley Center for Hearing, based in Waterloo, Iowa, with offices in Waverly, Independence, and Grundy Center, offers a comprehensive menu of options for hearing health:

  • Complete hearing exams for adults and children
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Leading brand names, including:
    • Widex®: Experience well-rounded sound while reducing the discomfort of high-pitched noise
    • GN ReSound®: One of the market’s newest and most-updated product lines
    • Phonak®: Trusted technology designed to accommodate any budget without sacrificing hearing care needs
    • Oticon®: Provides natural sound, spatial hearing, and wireless connectivity by focusing on speech and, more importantly, speech in noisy environments
    • Siemens®: These discrete aids feature powerful strength and use the latest in hearing technology
  • Assistive-listening devices
  • Individualized hearing aid selection
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Hearing aid verification
  • Warranties of up to 3 years
  • Exceptional follow-up care
  • Free, handicapped-accessible parking
  • Hands-on demonstrations of the latest in hearing aid technology
  • An experienced audiology team to answer all your questions
  • Hearing aid service and repair